BusOwner 2752646...For Business Owners - The FocalPoint business coaching and adviser program dramatically increases your success by helping your employees change attitudes, procedures, processes and approaches to challenges and opportunities that hold your company back.

Result? Fast growth and rapid improvement in profitability.

Our professionals provide the training, guidance and insights needed to help you transform your vision into reality. By yourself it's almost impossible. In our experience, it's usually no more possible to effect the needed changes alone than "...a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle" - Winston Churchill.

By simply having a certified professional FocalPoint business and executive coach by your side, everything changes because you have a fresh point of view and a proven process guiding you to identify problems and opportunities and create solutions that are right for your situation.

Experience fast growth, high profit and with plenty of time and money for family, friends and fun in your life. Get in touch, we'll show you how easy it is to change the future.


be-a-coach2...For Individuals Seeking a New Career Direction FocalPoint Professional Business Coaching is a proven way to utilize your years of business skills and expertise and finally own your own business.

FocalPoint supplies everything you need to own your own professional white-collar consulting business and help you make it highly successful.

We guide you and teach you everything you need to know to attract and get clients, transform them and retain them, some perhaps for years.

We show you the very best ways to get clients using coach-proven methods that work. You'll have the materials, the training and the proven processes and programs to leverage your existing skills and be successful.

Our proven coaching methods are use-proven working with thousands of clients and give you a guaranteed way to work with any client.

You become a sought-after master at driving change within any organization, helping them achieve dramatic improvement. In the process, you'll gain personal freedom, great financial rewards, friendship, and unprecedented control over your career and future.

Make a real difference. Help others grow their businesses, become financially successful and enjoy life. 

Get in touch, we'll put you on the fast track to a terrific and rewarding career.